Skiing in Banff

Skiing in Vail

Wintertime in Banff, Alberta brings blankets of immaculate snow and many adventure-seekers in search of a new thrill. Skiers and snowboarders from all over the world come to ski the diverse slopes, dramatic chutes, and powdery bowls of Banff’s big three resorts, but the excitement doesn’t stop at the resorts. The numerous sights of Banff National Park’s backcountry are as diverse as the ways to see them.

Glide through the rich forests on cross-country skis, or venture into wild habitat with a pair of snowshoes. For a unique and unforgettable experience, mush a team of sled dogs across stretches of alpine landscape. Or sail over acres of untouched powder on a roaring snowmobile. Guides and instructors can help you create the perfect wintertime experience.

Banff is an ideal place for snow-filled fun. Look through the useful resources below and you are sure to find just the right adventure during your next stay in this wintertime playground.

Banff Wintertime Activities

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is an excellent way to experience the sights and sounds of Banff National Park. Draped in ice and snow, the Canadian Rockies are the ideal setting to go it at your own pace and explore natural habitat while travelling over the crisp snow. Trails can accommodate all categories and styles of Nordic skiing.

Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is a fun and unique winter activity offered in the Banff area. This is an enjoyable way to fly through the diverse terrain of the Canadian Rockies. Dog sled tours are open from November to April, and are designed to let you peacefully ride or learn the basics of mushing and allow you to drive a dog-team yourself.


Take a leisurely stroll around Banff or access the remote reaches of Banff National Park’s backcountry. Guided tours can take adventurous trekkers into natural habitat, through powdery glades, and across vast stretches of pristine wooded landscape.

Snowmobile Tours

Power through sprawling acres of powdery white snow on board a speeding snowmobile. While Banff National Park does not permit snowmobiling within its protected land, local tour operators can provide direct access from Banff to numerous recreation plots.